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What Makes Us The Best?

*Blended with All Natural, Organic MCT Oil For Bio Availability
* True Full Spectrum CBD Creating the Entourage Effect
*Made In the USA Under the Strictest Quality Control Guidelines
*Double-Blind Lab Tested For Quality and Safety
*Product contains less than 0.3% THC


Real Customer Testimonials
Real Customer Testimonials
I met these guys and tried their product at the county fair and was interested in trying something new!? I was currently using Charlotte's Webb and paying $80 a bottle. Any price to relieve nervousness and pain, yet I’m a typical skeptic on new products, so I had to try it for fun. Not long after I noticed a difference and felt way better, had more energy, and had less anxiety, I bought two of the high dose 1500 mg and took back the CW. I’ll be using these guys for their high quality and fair price.
— Darin M
Real Customer Testimonials
I can not believe the knee pain relief I have gotten in just two days of use. I think everyone should use it daily for better health
— Dan R
Real Customer Testimonials
Best CBD I have ever taken! I am a breast cancer survivor and had 14 surgeries in 4 years. This CBD has drastically reduced my pain level and cut my use of prescription pain medicine by probably 90%! Thank you!
— Laura M
Real Customer Testimonials
I have been having trouble sleeping because of stress and physical pain. This product lived right up to its name. I have been sleeping better than ever. I go to sleep faster and wake up rested. If I take a lighter dose in the morning, I experience full relief from the stiffness in my back combined with a natural energy boost. I recommend Deep Relief Hemp Oil to anyone looking for a natural remedy that actually works!
— Micah C
Real Customer Testimonials
I bought a 1500mg bottle and began taking it on March 7th. I take one full dropper before bed to help me with insomnia and some ankle pain. At first, I was skeptical about whether or not the product would do anything for me to help me with my pain or insomnia. I have been taking the product now consistently for over 3 weeks and I am surprised to say that I am sleeping all the way through the night without waking up and my ankle pain is lessened when I wake up. I know all the research behind the product and now I know it actually works for me!
— Jason M
Real Customer Testimonials
I am very impressed with this company and their Deep Relief CBD oil. I am not one to take any medication or supplements for ailments or pain. However, the knowledge the owners have about the benefits of CBD and the extensive research and background they gave me about their Deep Relief product/ingredients was incredible. I use CBD oil for my monthly menstrual headaches and I can’t believe within a half hour the headaches diminish.
— Amy P
Real Customer Testimonials
I’ve been suffering from an autoimmune disorder that affects my joints and muscles. I have horrible brain fog and do not like taking medication. A friend told me to start taking cbd oil, you get all the benefits of pain relief without the high, which I do not like. After a couple of weeks of taking this cbd oil I could not believe not only do my joints feel better, my brain fog is gone, I have great focus and my anxiety has lowered. Excited to see how much better I feel after a few more weeks. Highly recommend this oil.
— Ashley T.
Real Customer Testimonials
I have several problems, arthritis throughout my body, anxiety, nervous tension and I have a problem sleeping. Since I started taking this I’ve noticed I am not quite so anxious or nervous and I’ve had relief of my pain. I sleep better than I have in a long time and I’m very happy with the results. I will continue taking this because it does make me feel a lot better than I did. Great product and so easy to take. Just what I needed. Thank you so much!
— Joan L
Joan Lockwood Testimonial
Real Customer Testimonials
I am on my feet a lot, and I love using Deep Relief's CBD Balm. I use this on any spot I feel pain. After a long day of work, just to relax, I love using their CBD gummies. They taste amazing! I love dealing with a local company.
— Carrie J

True Full Spectrum

Our products consist of a TRUE full spectrum with therapeutic amounts of terpenes and minor cannabinoids.

Sourced from Colorado

Our Hemp is grown in Colorado bringing you the freshest and highest quality hemp strains available.

Fast & Free Delivery

We understand our customers want their product now, which is why we offer FREE, fast shipping. (applies to orders over $30.00)

100% Money Back Guarantee in 30 Days

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may request a full refund on the purchase price within 30 days.”