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We are excited to announce the DR 3 For FREE Program.   This is where you can earn free CBD every month.  Just create a custom 50% off coupon code to pass out and when 3 people use your code in one month, YOU GET FREE CBD

  How it works is simple….    

    • Refer 3 People in one month who purchase anything on our website using your 50% off Coupon Code & you will receive a 1500mg bottle of CBD for FREE.
    •  You can offer New Customers to take advantage of our “10,000 Bottle FREE CBD Give-Away” Offer and get a Free bottle of CBD.  That would count as 1 of 3 customers you would need to get your CBD free that month.

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Having Success in the 3 for Free Program is as easy as  1, 2, 3.

1.  Join Our Team:  Just get your custom 50% Off Coupon Code by filling out the information below/above.  .  

2.  Share your Deep Relief Coupon Code with everyone you know.   

3.  GET FREE CBD EACH MONTH.  (You must qualify with 3 customers each month to get your free cbd.)  

How It Works:  

  Once you have joined the 3 For Free Loyalty Program,  a custom website url link will be generated for you that you can share with anyone and everyone.  We will also activate your custom 50% off Coupon Code that you share with your friends and family.  We will email you when your code is active with instructions and suggestions. This coupon code will give anyone who uses it 50% off & free shipping on our website.  You will receive a FREE bottle of 1500mg CBD for every 3 times your coupon code is used on our website


  If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
info@DeepReliefhemp.com or 916-384-0334